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Results ( 11 ) : 2012 - 3.

Liber Amicorum Dedicated to Prof. Marc Lambre

Authors: R. Boute, E. Demeulemeester, W. Herroelen, N. Vandaele, I. Van Nieuwenhuyse

Tribute to Marc Lambrecht

Authors: L.J. Thomas, J.A. Muckstadt, J.O. Mcclain, P.L. Jackson

Public Private Partnerships: Look before you Leap into Marriage

Authors: D. De Clerck, E. Demeulemeester, W. Herroelen

Abstract: Public Private Partnerships (PPP) have gained importance since they have seen the daylight. The synergies and value for money that can be created by engaging in a long-term commitment can be appealing, but as in every marriage planning is a necessi...

Mix, Time and Volume Flexibility: Valuation and Corporate Diversification

Authors: J. Chod, N. Rudi, J.A. Van Mieghem

Abstract: This article examines the joint impact of three types of operational flexibility in a theoretical model of a two-product firm that makes capacity, production and pricing decisions at three points in time with an underlying continuous-time informati...

Matrix-Analytic Methods in Supply Chain Management: Recent Developments

Authors: R.N. Boute, P.J. Colen, S. Creemers, A. Noblesse, B. Van Houdt

Abstract: Matrix-analytic methods are a popular modeling tool in a great number of fields, most notable in the analysis of telecommunication systems. Because of their ability to construct and analyze a wide class of stochastic models, they can also be applie...

Managing Variability in Manufacturing and Services

Authors: J. Beliën, L. De Boeck, J. Colpaert

Abstract: Variability is known to degrade performance in manufacturing and service environments in some way. If no measures are taken to reduce variability, systems can be protected from the negative impact of variability by installing buffers. One can choos...

Combining a Quantitative Approach of Planning and Control with a Lean Approach: Reflections on a Case Study

Authors: J. Wijngaard

Abstract: A lean approach is idealizing and participative. Applying it to production planning and control has to be directed to the removal of inventory, to the application of “pull”, to a smooth flow and to a high participation of all people involved, throu...

Sales and Operations Planning Revisited: Linking Operational and Financial Performance

Authors: N. Vandaele, I. Van Nieuwenhuyse

Abstract: Despite the widespread adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, it is known that these systems suffer from inherent shortcomings which undermine their decision support capabilities. The crux of the problem lies at the midterm plannin...

The Value of Multi-Echelon Models

Authors: P.L. Jackson, J.A. Muckstadt

Abstract: We present a rationale for implementing multi-echelon inventory methods by focusing on a business opportunity we call the “curse of variety.” The curse of variety phenomenon, which can be traced to fundamental economics in lot sizing and safety sto...

Bullwhip in a Multi-Product Production Setting

Authors: R.N. Boute, J. Dejonckheere, S.M. Disney, W. Van De Velde

Abstract: We consider the bullwhip problem in a multi-product scenario, specifically looking at the impact of product demands on production and inventory cost performance in a factory setting. A Vector Auto-Regressive process of the first order (VAR(1)) is u...